Florida, Part 4: On Safari

Yes, I know, it’s been a while.  I’m easily distracted, and it’s been a busy spring.  We enjoyed a long spell of unusually nice weather, and I’ve been spending a lot of time running and cooking.  It’s kept me quite busy.  Plus, I don’t know about you, but looking at my vacation pictures started making me sad that I was not still on that wonderful vacation.  But the time has come to get back to Florida pictures.  I haven’t even shared the best ones yet!


My favorite of all of the Disney parks was Animal Kingdom, which is ironic, because initially I didn’t want to go there.  But we loved it so much that even after spending an entire day there, we park-hopped back to it the next day too!  The park combines nature and animals with roller coasters and other Disney shows.  It’s fantastic.  Animal Kingdom contained Nathan’s favorite Disney coaster, Expedition Everest.  We also got to see a live musical Lion King performance, which was very well done. 

1-DSCN1860 1-DSCN1925

But obviously, the best part of Animal Kingdom are the animals, and the twenty minute safari that you go on to see them.  We loved the safari so much that we went on it twice!


1-DSCN1867 1-DSCN1932


Hakuna Matata, warthogs sure aren’t the prettiest animals, are they?


1-DSCN1805 1-DSCN1806

The giraffes were the animals that we saw at closest range.  They would walk right next to the safari car.  It was incredible to watch them move – their legs are so long that even at a run, they look like they are going in slow motion.  They also make for pretty hilarious pictures.

1-DSCN1813 1-DSCN1807

The lions were easily the most boring animal.  Did you know they sleep 18-20 hours a day?  Rough life.


We also learned that flamingos are not naturally pink, but get their color from the shrimp they eat.

1-DSCN1825 1-DSCN1924

This ostrich really wanted to be left alone.  (Dude, Where’s My Car flashback, anyone?)

1-DSCN1837 1-DSCN1848


Outside of the giraffes, this guy was my favorite.  He REALLY wanted something in that tree.  I felt so bad for him.  He did this for a couple minutes before he realized people were watching him, and then he gave up.  I hope he eventually got what he was looking for.  Never give up on your dreams, big guy!


Amazing animals, amazing weather, amazing fun . . . an amazing day!