Playoffs? Yes, Playoffs!

I realized it has been a rather long time – too long – since I’ve given an update on the TBFC.  I know you are all dying to know how the best team led by the Golden Boy on this side of the Rockies is doing.  No?  Well settle in, because I’m going to tell you anyway!

The biggest news is that the TBFC has rebounded from a mid-season slump to win four of their last five matchups, finish 7-5, and make the playoffs!  Ironically, although we did not even win our division and are the fourth seed in the playoffs, we DID take home the prize for most points scored in the season!  My husband will tell you that this does not trump his accomplishment of division champion and best record in the league.  He might be right.  But I will bask in the glory of my non-existent trophy nonetheless.

Here are some more fun facts about the team that will go down in history (whether as champions or infamous losers is yet to be determined):

*Of the 16 players drafted at the beginning of the season, only half survived to week 12.

*The TBFC is a bit Jekyll and Hyde.  When we lost, we lost BIG.  Our five loss margins: 22, 52, 26, 23, and 53 points.  Can you say ouch?

*On the plus side, when we won, we won big.  Our smallest margin of victory was 16 points.  5 of 7 victories were by a 20+ point margin.

*All accomplishments are in spite of what might be the worst running back carousel in history.  There is no other way to describe my running backs other than “horrifyingly bad” and “really not talented”.  If you want to curse a running back, ask me to pick them up.  I currently have 8 running backs on my team.  That is half the roster!  And I would trade them all in an instant for Arian Foster.  Can you sense my desperation?

*Conversely, there is no better way to spark a player’s talent than to place them on my bench!  Notable bench performances:  Jamaal Charles (36 points, Week 3 and 16 points, Week 10), Andre Brown (24 points, Week 3), Jordy Nelson (31 points, Week 7), and Pierre Garcon (17 points, Week 12).  I’m pretty sure my bench outscored my starters in Week 3.  Clearly, I never learn.

*I may live to regret the Reggie Wayne for Jordy Nelson trade.  Who knew Andrew Luck would be so good?  Oh, that’s right.  Only everyone in the world.  Except me.

*Despite all of this, the TBFC managed to lock a playoff spot one week early AND eliminate my boss from the playoffs, all in one weekend.  I have been told it’s not good to beat your boss.  I say it’s bragging rights.

The bright spots of my season have been my wide receivers (Julio Jones & Demaryius Thomas), Jimmy Graham and Super Brady himself.  Outside of byes and a couple weeks off due to injury, I haven’t had to think twice about them.  They are full time starters.  And though he may not be Reggie Wayne, Jordy Nelson is definitely better than any of my ten million running backs in the flex spot.

On a side note, I do find it odd that my underachieving team, led by my questionable management skills, managed to lock a playoff spot early.  Whereas the team in a second league (lovingly named Rex Ryan Rerun), co-managed by my dad, husband, and myself, is fighting for their life in the playoffs.  My husband will tell you that the fictitious Rex Ryan’s struggles are due my above mentioned questionable management skills.  I will tell you that our struggles are the fault of Eli Manning.  He isn’t even on our team, yet still he manages to kill it.  (I can’t speak to the real Rex Ryan’s struggles.  I do hear that karma is a bitch, though.)  If we can make it to the playoffs, you may hear more about good old Rex.  If not . . . well you may hear something as well.

So anyway.  Back to Tom.  This week, the Golden Boy and reject running backs of the TBFC face a new team in Round 1 of the playoffs.  We haven’t lost to this team before, most likely only because we never played in the regular season.  Sadly, there is no chance of meeting up with my hubby in the championship round as we are in the same bracket.  So let’s hope I win this week, so that I have the opportunity to knock him out in the semifinal round next week!

"The Mighty Brady" Tom #Brady meets Thor of the Avengers. #Patriots #VeryCool

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Thanksgiving Weekend – The Road to Christmas

This year, we had a quiet Thanksgiving at my house with my parents and my brother Dakota.  I was really excited because this meant that the menu was entirely up to us, and I got the chance to make a large part of it.  We had all the usual staples (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing) along with some old favorites (my grandma’s creamed corn) and some new recipes (a delicious apple pomegranate fruit salad discovered on Pinterest).  We even got out our wedding dishes to celebrate Thanksgiving in style.

DSC_0011 DSC_0025



We capped off the evening with some apple pie and the Patriots kicking the Jets’ you-know-what on national TV (Super Bowl, here we come).  Could it get any better than that?  I think not.


After recovering from our combined turkey/sugar comas, we did Black Friday in style.  As in, we placed some online orders and went to bed.  We let all the crazies do their shopping overnight, and then we headed out around 5 AM.  In just over an hour, Nathan and I managed to drive to, shop at, and check out from Home Depot, Kohl's, Sears, and Target.  We waited in line at exactly zero of these places, and we left with every “early bird” item that we came to get.  Seriously, no one was there.  I don’t know why anyone would wait in line for hours on Thursday night when they could get a few hours sleep and then go out in the morning.  We were so proud of our amazing shopping skills that we rewarded ourselves with breakfast out and a nap before heading out a few hours later to make our last couple stops.

We were home and done shopping by 1, so after another nap we decided to take advantage of Nathan’s night off work and decorate the house!  With the encouraging words of Clark W. Griswold and Buddy the Elf, we managed to decorate the entire interior of our house (minus the tree, which someone says we can’t get until next weekend).  Now the house is ready for Christmas!

DSC_0035 DSC_0041



Finally, we capped things off with some good old fashioned football on Saturday.  The more team spirited members of the family double layered so that they could wear Ohio State gear over their Oregon State gear.  I wore purple.

DSC_0033 DSC_0032

Everyone was excited about Ohio State’s big win . . . much less so about Oregon State’s big loss.  Oh well.  There is always next year (for both the winning AND losing teams, ironically).

Besides, I was rooting for the Ducks!


22 Days of Thanks

By now, we have all seen the “Days of Thanks” posts going around on Facebook.  I wanted to participate, but posting a daily status update on Facebook is a long stretch for me.  I felt like it was much more doable for me to write down my “thanks” each day and compile a list.  So, here you go – 22 days of thanks, Megan-style.

1.  I am thankful to my parents for letting me be myself, and accepting me and loving me for who I am.

2.  I am thankful for a wonderful husband who tells me every day that he loves me.

3.  I am thankful that I can truthfully say I want for nothing.  I have a loving family, a great job, a roof over my head, food in my cupboards, and clothes in my closet.  I am truly lucky.

4.  I am thankful for the beautiful colors of fall leaves, and that I live in a state full of trees.

5.  I am thankful for Doug Martin.  I am sorry I doubted your abilities.

6.  I am thankful for weekends.  Enough said.

7.  I am thankful for parents who are always there for me, always listen, and always answer the phone.  Even when it is just to answer my stupid questions about how long something can stay in my fridge before it is no longer safe to eat.  They are reliable and constant, and never let me down.

8.  I am thankful for open minds and open hearts.

9. I am thankful for a husband who makes me laugh, and who always seems to know when I need a laugh (even before I do!).

10.  I am thankful for home cooked meals.

11.  I am thankful that I can run, no matter how slow it may be.

12.  I am thankful for my memories.  Memories are something we make, but they are also something that we take for granted.  For Alzheimer or dementia patients, a lifetime of memories can be lost in an instant.  This type of memory loss is not something that I or anyone else can control, but I can give thanks and appreciate my memories for as long as God blesses me with them.

13.  I am thankful for quiet days at work.  It feels nice to get caught up and get things done!

14.  I am thankful for Nick at Night.  Nothing more relaxing than an episode of Full House!

15.  I am thankful for all the beauty that can be found in the smallest of things.

16.  I am thankful for my siblings, and the days when we get to catch up.

17.  I am thankful for old friends.  Also, one of my old friends and I are thankful that Kristen Stewart’s acting abilities seem to have slightly improved between the first and last installments of Twilight.

18.  I am thankful that I have a husband who willingly helps me with housework.

19.  I am thankful for rain.  I love it!  I must remind myself of this on the days when the rain forces me to drive home in pitch black monsoon weather.

20.  I am thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given in my life, and to those who have given opportunities to me.

21.  I am thankful for people who stand up for what is right and support those who need it.

22.  I am thankful that I can spend Thanksgiving with people that I love.

And now, I better get moving, because it is after 9 AM and I still haven’t started cooking my parts of this Thanksgiving meal.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, enjoy the football and shopping (GO PATRIOTS!), and drive safely.