Introducing the Tom Brady Fan Club!

No, not an actual fan club.  Duh.  I am not THAT big of a loser.
The Tom Brady Fan Club (TBFC) is my kick-ass, sure to win a championship, fantasy football team!  Headlined by the golden boy himself.  Because obviously, the TBFC would be a stupid name without their namesake on the team.  Could you imagine if the quarterback of the TBFC was Eli Manning?  Yikes!
Anyways, carrying on, please meet the 2012 version of the TBFC!
Tom Brady, New England
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo
Thought Process: I will only need Fitzpatrick one week (yes, I know these sound like famous last words).  If I don’t like Fitzpatrick by the bye week, I will dump him for someone else.  You never know, Timmy T. might be starting for the Jets by then!
Running Back
Jamaal Charles, Kansas City
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Cincinnati
Donald Brown, Indianapolis
Jonathon Dwyer, Pittsburgh
Ryan Williams, Arizona
Thought Process:  I hate running backs.  They get injured all the time and are such a crapshoot, which is partially why I did not take one until the third round.  I feel like every single one is a risk on some level, but they also have perks.  Charles could be great if he is back in top form; Green-Ellis has never fumbled (never meaning NEVER); Brown is going to be the starter and primary back, which adds up to carries; and Dwyer and Williams both stand to benefit from starters being out.
Wide Receiver
Julio Jones, Atlanta
Demaryius Thomas, Denver
Pierre Garcon, Washington
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis
Mario Manningham, San Francisco
Thought Process:  I waited until the fourth round to take my first wide receiver.  I don’t love my receivers, but I also don’t hate them.  And based on where I actually got them in the draft, I feel like I got good value.  In other words . . . we’ll see.
Tight End
Jimmy Graham, New Orleans
Jared Cook, Tennessee
Thought Process:  Unless you have Graham AND Gronkowski . . . my tight ends are better than yours.
Kicker & Defense
Matt Bryant, Atlanta
Cincinnati Bengals
Thought Process:  I took my kicker in the third to last round (simply because I needed one before they were all gone), and my defense in the very last round.  Last year, I felt like my receivers and running backs won/lost me more games than my kicker/defense, so I just don’t think they are that important.  As far as defense goes, last year we drafted the Packers (who were supposed to be good, but ended up being a total bust), and finished the year out alternating between Seattle and Cincinnati (undrafted), both of who performed just fine.  If the Bengals don’t work out this year, I am fairly confident that I can find a decent undrafted team, so I was not wasting an early pick on a defense.
And there you have it.  Welcome to the world, 2012 TBFC!

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Anonymous said...

I came across this, and thought it was so funny, and so true about our boy Tommy!