Senior Moments

Last weekend, the weather FINALLY cooperated and stayed dry long enough for me to finish my brother’s senior portraits.  We took most of them last fall.  However, I had a fantastic photo idea a couple months ago, and just needed a dry weekend day to actually take the picture.


Get it?  Class of ‘12.  I love the idea, because it’s not something you can do every year.  And it also is made so much better by the fact that he actually DOES track.

Speaking of senior moments, Dakota was not the only one having them this weekend.  While we were at the track taking this picture, we noticed some idiotic teenage boys.  The high jump mats had been left out to dry for just a little while that morning.  During that time, these geniuses had decided to stack them all on top of each other, then take turns climbing up the football goalpost and jumping off onto the mats.  What is wrong with teenage boys?  It’s like they have no brain cells.

Anyway, my dad is the head track coach, so we kept trying to call and text him to let him know what was going on.  He wasn’t answering his phone, so we decided to just go find him.  As we were walking to my car, Dakota tried to call my dad one more time, and oddly enough we heard the faint sound of a phone ringing close by.  We turned around, and realized that the little storage shed by the finish line was ringing.  Sure enough, when we found my dad, we also found that he had locked his cell phone in the storage shed.  There’s a senior moment for you! (Love you, Dad!  The story was just too funny not to tell it.  If it makes you feel better, I tried to put cheese away in the kitchen cupboard instead of the refrigerator yesterday.)

Here are some of my favorites of the other gazillion senior pictures that I took for Dakota last fall.





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