What Happened To April?

It has been brought to my attention that I have been noticeably absent from my blog in April.  What happened, you ask?  For starters, the neighborhood has been rather quiet (except for the one genius around the corner who keeps setting off their car alarm on a daily basis).  Nothing MAJOR has happened, which was rather nice after the hectic-ness of this winter.  So really, what have we been keeping ourselves so busy with?  Let’s see . . .

I have been adjusting to (and rather enjoying) my new job.

I leave the house at 8:10 and am home by 5:30.  I can go two weeks or more without putting gas in my car (for $4/gallon, there should be diamonds in that gasoline).  I have been able to get regular treadmill workouts in on weeknights.  Everyone at the new job is super nice and I have my own office (!!!!), and most of all I enjoy my work and all the new things I am learning.

Erika came home for Easter.

And we had a lot of fun.  Have you ever seen I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker?  Well, we did, and it was surprisingly hilarious.  (Also, I think I have developed a slight crush on Greg Kinnear.  Is that weird?)  We had fantastic time shopping, hanging out, and track-meeting.


You never realize how much you take your siblings for granted until you can’t see them whenever you want.  I miss my sister time.  Can’t wait for June, when both Erika AND Jessica will be back in town!

Nathan broke the coffee table.

Don’t ask me how.  Apparently the coffee table is poorly made, the top being composed of a bunch of small pieces of wood glued together, rather than one large block of wood.  I wasn’t there, but I wish I was, because the story was rather hilarious.  Nathan tells it well.  The best part is the part where the broken piece falls on his big toe.  I think this blurry cell phone picture speaks for itself.


Luckily, my husband is also talented at putting coffee tables back together.

I grew as a person . . .

One day, the good old mailman decided to put the Unfriendlys’ mail in our box.  Normally when I get someone else’s mail, I throw it back in the mailbox with a helpful note to the mailman telling them that they delivered mail to the wrong address.  Or I throw it away.  I was tempted to do one of these things (or both, since there were two envelopes).  But it was clearly not junk mail, and for reasons unknown I felt strangely compelled to be the bigger person. (We have our best scientists on the case, to make sure I didn’t temporarily lose my mind.)  So I returned their mail.  Politely.  And in person!  Growth, I tell you.

I cooked!

Actual meals!  With a grain, dairy, meat, and vegetable!  And also edible!  Two Sundays in a row!  If you don’t believe me, the finger I sliced open with the vegetable peeler will be your proof.

And I had no free time, because . .

I spent the vast majority of the month of April reading, after I got sucked into a book.  Not just any book, but the Game of Thrones series.  I checked it out in a four book e-book set from the library, which was a million times faster than waiting on hold for four separate books.  The problem was, the checkout time is 21 days maximum, and these books are ridiculously long.  And by ridiculously long, I mean longer than any book I have ever read except for perhaps Gone With the Wind.  Or the Bible.  My theory was to read as much as I could during my 21 days, and then I could check out the rest of the books individually.  I figured I would at least get through the first book, and maybe the second if I was lucky.  But then I started reading, and promptly became addicted to the storyline. 

I read breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I stayed up late reading.  I spent hours of free time on weekends and evenings reading.  I carried my Kindle with me everywhere, and pulled it out whenever I had a spare five minutes.  By some miracle, I finished the first two books with a week to spare.  Since I was averaging a book a week, I decided to move on the third.  What I didn’t know was that the third books is significantly longer than the first and second books.  In paperback form, books one and two are 720 & 784 pages, respectively.  Book three is 1216 pages long!

So the last day of my checkout period rolls around, and not realizing how much longer the third book is, I think I am almost finished.  I tell Nathan I will need to read for probably an hour to finish.  I didn’t want the book to vanish off my Kindle right before the end!  I have been reading forever, and the story seems like it is in a good ending spot.  But every time I think the book will end, I page forward and find yet another chapter.  This continues for FOUR HOURS.  Nathan kept laughing at me, because normally I would love a long book.  But not when I am tired and on a deadline!  FINALLY, I finished the book, well past my bedtime.

Of course now that my checkout period has expired, I have learned that as long as I don’t connect my Kindle to Wi-Fi, library e-books don’t get taken away.  How I wish I had known that before.  But on the plus side, I am getting to read the fourth book now, and at a leisurely pace!

* * *

So you can see, it was a rather busy month in the Realm of Queen Megan, even though none of it was being documented here.  But now that I no longer have to be a book-reading hermit, I fully expect to stop being such a procrastinator and give my blog, my husband, and the laundry a little more attention.  Hope you are enjoying a lovely spring, wherever you are!


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