Eli Manning Tries To Earn My Forgiveness

Tonight, Eli Manning will be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time.  And shockingly, I will be watching.

Eli Manning has crushed my dreams not once, but twice.  For this I can never forgive him.  So why am I watching him on SNL, you ask?  For the same reason that I could not bring myself to purchase this shirt:

Because I love Peyton Manning.  Granted, not in the “I love Tom Brady” sort of way.  But because he is one of the classiest guys in sports, honest & hard working, and flat out HILARIOUS.  His episode of SNL is probably one of my favorites.  See the proof:

Peyton Manning For United Way skit on Saturday Night Live via ebaumsworld.com

Out of respect for Peyton, I could not buy the shirt.  And out of respect for Peyton, I am watching Eli on SNL.  If Eli is half as funny as his big brother, he will be worth watching.  (I assume he must be at least a little funny, otherwise why else would he have all those commercials?  They can’t all be because of Peyton.)  If he is REALLY funny, he may even drop a few spots on the Enemies List.   

Have a good weekend, and whatever you do, I hope you get some laughs in too.

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