Family “Funday” Sunday

My sister Erika is in town for one week before she moves to the East Coast for medical school.  She stayed with Nathan and I on Saturday night, and made us a delicious dinner of kielbasa, quinoa salad, corn on the cob, and French bread.  We even ate at the dining room table and had grown up dinner conversation!  How old are we?  It was a very relaxing and fun time.

Today, my parents, Erika, my brother and I all went to the coast for a day of family time.  We had a lot of fun, and surprisingly the weather at the coast ended up nicer than the weather at home.  First up, we hit Agate Beach so that we could all get a look at the dock from Japan (none of us had seen it except Dakota and Nathan).


We got there at just the right time, because shortly after the tide came in and you couldn’t get as close to the dock.  What Nathan failed to mention to me was that it was quite the hike from the day use area to the dock. 



And because I just couldn’t resist posting this last photo . . .


I also forgot that my parents’ idea of a day at the beach involves a lot more walking than mine.  So after that, we walked all the way to the rock that you see in the background of that last picture.  It doesn’t seem that far, but trust me, it is.  If you don’t believe me, ask the blister on my heel.


After we left Agate Beach, we drove through the Nye Beach area and stopped to take a look at the shops there.  We never realized they had shops down there.  There was a great little used book store, and also an Irish pub with outdoor seating that Nathan and I just might check out next time we are in town.




We ended the day in Old Town in Newport for some ice cream (yes, it was actually that warm there today), watching the boats come in.


It was a wonderful day, and so much fun to do something as a family.  Especially since Erika is leaving next week, and we won’t get as many opportunities to see her over the next several years while she is in med school.  We used to do family trips and vacations all the time, and the older we get the harder it is to get everyone in the same place at one time.  We certainly did miss our “Crabby Patty” (aka Jessica) and my better half today, but hopefully they can join us next time!

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