A Sad Goodbye

Today, a nation weeps.

Today, a nation said farewell to a hard working, stand up guy.

His name is Wes.


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Elsewhere, a nation of orange rejoices.  Peyton Manning claps his hands, and laughs, “Muah hah hah! I win again! No one can stop me now!”

Early reaction to the devastating news:


Lady at Work: “Who is Wes Welker?”

My Brother: “So, are you a Broncos fan now?”

My Husband: “I guess I am a Broncos fan now.  I may have to buy a new jersey.”

Megan: “Danny Amendola?!?!?! He could get hit with a Nerf ball and get hurt!”

All very valid points.  But best summed up by:

My Dad: “So who is Brady going to pass to???? Belichick?!?!?”


Goodbye, Wes.  We’ll miss you.  Make us proud.

Oh, and one last thing.

Suck it, Belichick.

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