Florida, Part 1: Resort Relaxation

I know, I know.  I promised Florida pictures last week.  Clearly, I had other things to get off my chest.  Also, it turns out that I enjoy the actual taking of the pictures more than the editing of the pictures.  That being said . . . I hope you are ready for a ton of pictures!  I am going to have to break this into several posts due to abundance of said pictures.  Besides, some places were just so magical (hint, hint) that they deserve their own dedicated posts.

As previously mentioned, Nathan & I were lucky enough to escape to Florida for seven wonderful days (nine, if you count our travel days) in the beginning of February.  It was a combined vacation/honeymoon/bucket list sort of trip.  And it was a blast.  It was sunny, warm, responsibility-free, and fantastically amazing.  We had a pretty busy itinerary on this trip, and we were up by 6 AM every morning to start our day.


We stayed at a Disney resort, which was SO convenient.  The Walt Disney World Area (parks & resorts) covers 40 square miles.  The place is HUGE.  I can’t imagine renting your own car and staying offsite and trying to drive all these places.  We had free shuttles to every park (and we never waited more than 5 minutes for a shuttle), free transportation to and from the airport, extra hours at the theme parks, and a lot of other perks that made our trip incredibly easy.  Our resort was the Port Orleans Riverside, and it was beautiful.  It was always pretty quiet (as evidenced by these pictures, taken in the middle of the afternoon).


1-DSCN2061  1-IMG_0362

One thing we liked best about the resort was how pretty it was.  Our resort was huge and our building was a 5-10 minute walk from the main building, but the walk was so scenic and enjoyable.  The river running through the resort is man-made and only about five feet deep.  They had outdoor moves every night (kind of like a drive in, except you walk in), which was really cool.  We walked to the movie screening at the Port Orleans French Quarter (resort right next to ours) one night and watched Tangled.

Our building was called the Acadian House.  It had wonderful views and quiet courtyards surrounding it.



Our resort had six pools.  There was one big pool near the main building that had the waterslide and walkup bar, and it was the crowded, noisy one where all the kids and families went during the day.  The rest of the pools were scattered throughout the resort between buildings and were referred to as “quiet” pools.  There were no kids there, and you could just relax on your lounge chair, read a book, and take a nap.  Ahhh, relaxation.  That was where we spent our pool time.


The other awesome part of our resort was the riverboat transportation.  Because we were on the water, we had the option to take boat transportation to Downtown Disney, which is basically a big touristy area with restaurants, shops, and shows.  About a month before our vacation, we made dinner reservations at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney for the fourth night of our stay.  We were lucky enough to get to take the riverboat cruise directly to House of Blues!




1-IMG_0321 1-IMG_0322

It was such an awesome night, even though the wind picked up and we had to ride the shuttle back when the riverboat closed early.  It was our one sit down dinner out, so we spoiled ourselves with drinks, dinner, and dessert.  House of Blues was a really cool restaurant with incredible food and a great atmosphere.  Downtown Disney had some live music that night, which was pretty cool too.  But the most memorable part of the evening came in the form of some chocolate-y goodness.


This triple chocolate cheesecake is literally the most incredible thing I have ever eaten in my life.  I got so excited when it was placed in front of me that I started eating before I remembered to take a picture.  This cheesecake is so good that I have not been able to stop thinking about it.  And it’s been a month and a half.  I even had a dream about cheesecake.  Seriously.  I may have a problem.  Anyhow, if anyone has a recipe for a triple chocolate cheesecake, please share it with me.  It’s my life mission to recreate the deliciousness.

And that concludes round one of the pictures.  Stay tuned for more!

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