I’m Back!!!

I know, you thought you were rid of me for good.  But fear not, I am back - with a brand new laptop screen that actually works!  And even better, paid for by American Express instead of me (thank you credit card extended warranty program)!

A lot of things happened while my laptop was in the shop.  The break from the computer, while at times irritating (particularly when attempting to pay bills on my iPhone), was also quite refreshing.  I didn’t have this distraction sitting right there.  I started running more, reading more, and in general doing non-Internet things.  And that has been pretty nice.

I also managed to find time to go on a kick-ass vacation/second honeymoon to Florida for a week and a half in February with my husband.  Talk about relaxing . . . and warm . . . all things we don’t get enough of at home!  I have a lot of pictures to share with my friends and family, and will work on getting them edited and onto the blog over the next few weeks.

I have to say, the break from blogging was nice too.  When people tell me they find certain stories funny and say how much they enjoyed them, I feel pressured to come up with something else funny to write about.  And sometimes that is hard.  Unfortunately, my life is not always fun and games (wouldn’t that be nice).  Sometimes I just want to write about something serious, to vent or de-stress, or just share an opinion, but I worry that people don’t want to hear or read that so I just don’t blog at all.  And then I feel guilty when my friends and family comment on how I haven’t been blogging much.  I have to admit that it was nice having a break from that.

That being said, I am back, ready to blog, and ready to share some stories.  And opinions, when I feel like it and can find the right words.  First up will be the vacation pictures.  Stay tuned!

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