Driving Miss Megan

A demonstration of superior communication skills by two newlyweds.

Scene: 9 PM last night, in Nathan’s car, driving around downtown on our way to get dinner.

Nathan: “American Dream Pizza” (very random comment since this is not where we are going)

Megan: "That’s where the president ate when he came here for his campaign.” (looking around out the window to see where American Dream Pizza is at)

N: “Yeah, by your sister’s apartment.”

M: (Now very confused as cannot see American Dream Pizza anywhere, and we are nowhere near my sister’s apartment) “What? Why did you say ‘American Dream Pizza’?

N: (Clearly also confused) “Because that’s where the President ate.”

M: “No, before that.  Why did you say ‘American Dream Pizza’ back there?”

N: “Oh, that?  Because there was a car that said American Dream Pizza back there.  And now you just made me run a red light! This is what happens when you distract me!”

For the record, I still don’t see how this is my fault.  But I also did not notice the red light, so I guess I can’t argue.

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