Super Bowl Party Prep!

Outside of work, sleep, and saying prayers for Gronk’s ankle, I have spent nearly every spare moment of the last week planning the Super Bowl party of the century!  Why, you may ask?  Two words, one handsome face:


Tom Brady!

Tom Brady is the driving force behind my love for the New England Patriots, the NFL, and my ESPN radio addiction.  I saw him on TV in a football game in high school about ten years ago, and it was love at first sight.  Nathan & I have a Super Bowl party every year, but this is the most important one we have thrown so far, and may possibly be the most important ever.  We had a big party planned in The Year That Almost Was, But Was Instead Ruined By A Big Goober Named Eli (aka the 2008 Super Bowl), but Mother Nature is apparently a Jets fan and had other ideas – freezing and breaking our pipes, thereby cancelling the party.  So this is the very first year that we are throwing a party for a Super Bowl in which my beloved team & quarterback are actually playing, which requires the Best. Party. Ever!!!!!

Let me share with you the finer aspects of planning the BSBPE! (Best Super Bowl Party Ever! – Duh). 

Step 1: Develop a Pinterest board devoted specifically to Super Bowl foods.  Spend hours when you are supposed to be sleeping devoted to pinning links to said board.

Step 2: Plan a freaking fantabulous menu! We are having a taco bar, trying out the crockpot chicken pictured below.  Sister is making the devilled eggs (how awesome are those?), and we are having bean dip, fruit salad, and veggies as apps.


chicken via mychocolatetherapy, eggs via myrecipes.com

And for dessert – nothing beats a Super Bowl Sundae:


I have another (Patriot-themed) dessert planned, but it is a surprise – I will have to post the pictures later this weekend!

Step 3: Develop a bunch of awesome games, then buy some crazy prizes at the Dollar Store! 

For our games, Nathan has a sheet of questions put together for people to answer before the game (winner, MVP, halftime & final score, longest field goal, first player to score, etc.) and whoever has the most right at the end of the game wins.  This year we also decided to play some Bingo! We found an awesome website (Print-Bingo) that lets you create custom Bingo Cards (for FREE, I might add) – you create the format, pick all the bingo square words, and it will generate random cards for you!  It was so awesome.  We made a game bingo specifically tailored to NE & NYG with game related things like pass interference, NE rushing TD, NYG passing TD, etc.  Then we made bingo cards for commercials with things like talking baby, Pepsi commercial, Budweiser, etc.

I am so ready for this BSBPE!  I wish I could stay home from work on Thursday and start getting ready that day!  As it stands, I will have to wait until Friday.  I will leave you with this football related joke that I heard on TV last night (although for the life of me, I can’t remember what show.  Which means it must have been the Disney Channel):

How did the football player break his finger in the telephone booth?

He was trying to get his quarter back.


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