A Laugh For The Middle of a Looooooong Week

Once in a while, I have one of those weeks where it seems like it will never end.  Thanks to all this wacky weather here in the Pacific NW, it is shaping up to be one long work week.  At times like this, we could all use a laugh.

So, enjoy the following, courtesy of Eli at the It Just Gets Stranger blog:

Part 1: http://itjustgetsstranger.blogspot.com/2011/12/snuggie-texts.html

Part 2: http://itjustgetsstranger.blogspot.com/2011/12/snuggie-texts-part-ii.html

Hopefully, his story makes you laugh (and even better, keeps you laughing all the way to Friday).  In case you wonder afterwards – yes, my parents did teach me that it is not nice to laugh at the expense of others.  However, I must not be a very nice person, because I thought his story was freaking hilarious. 

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