Countdown to the BSBPE! Part 3

When Tom Brady scored a TD with 11 and a half minutes to go in the Pats-Ravens playoff game, I started planning the crowning glory of my BSBPE!: Patriots team/player customized cookies!


First, I found these awesome cookie cutters on Amazon.  I decided to stick with the football & flag shapes only for this party, because I thought they would be the easiest to cut out and the least likely to break.  I was right – only one football bit the dust!


Turns out the sugar cookie cutouts were the easy part.  Not so easy?  Attempting to get navy blue colored frosting.  We used an entire tube of blue gel coloring and still didn’t manage to get there.  We did however, make some pretty awesome cookies.

Our two magic weapons:


The frosting in the bags was Nathan’s idea.  We were trying to write players names & numbers onto the cookies, and we had bought canned frosting in order to attempt that.  However, our cans were rather temperamental and didn’t allow us to write small enough, so Nathan came up with the idea of using Ziploc bags with a tiny hole cut in the corner.  Similar to a frosting bag, except this way we could get the tip to be teeny tiny in a way that my cake frosting tips don’t.  The big bowl of blue frosting (leftover from frosting the cookies) became our “Correction Frosting”.  Correction Frosting comes in very handy – for instance, when your husband invents a player named “Brach”.

I have to say I am VERY proud of our finished product.  We are currently trying to figure out how to get them submitted to the NE Patriots Facebook fan page.  Navy blue or not, I’d say they turned out great. 


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Mrs. Nelson said...

Your cookies turned out great! I bet they were yummy too.