The Evil Empire (aka, Macy’s)

This week, Macy’s has officially taken over the position of my Number One Enemy.  My list of enemies is rather long (Eli Manning, the New York Jets, bugs, rodents, farm animals, United Behavioral Health, the State of Florida, neighbors, and dust, to name a few), so to take over the number one spot is a fairly impressive feat to say the least.

Nathan and I had some Macy’s gift cards that we received as wedding gifts.  We decided to use them to buy additional sets of dishes.  From the end of January to mid-February, they held a big home sale in which you also got 20% off your remaining wedding registry items.  Our dishes were on sale for buy one get one free, so we were able to get four sets for approximately $28 each, when they normally sell for $72.  We were going to go to the store, but then realized why drive 30 miles when we could get free shipping online?  I was over the moon about this awesome deal.  Unfortunately, this is where my happiness ended.

When our dishes arrived, Nathan & I opened the sets up to check that the dishes were all in good condition.  In three of the four sets, there was a problem with the bowl.  One was chipped, one had paint discoloration, and the other did not have the brand stamp on the bottom like every other dish does (seems small, but Nathan pointed out that when you pay that much money for dishes, you should have proof of what they are.  And I agree with him.).

I was frustrated that we would have to send back three sets, but we had to exchange a set with a broken bowl a few months earlier and it was really easy, so I didn’t think much of it.  At that time, I had called Macy’s and explained the situation, they sent out a new set the same day and I sent the damaged set back at their expense.  The whole process took less than a week and was fairly painless.

So, on February 6th I called Macy’s about this most recent problem and explained what had happened.  The girl I talked to seemed really confused, and kept asking me what kind of bowls I wanted to exchange for (cereal, soup, salad, etc.).  I explained that it came in a SET, not individual pieces (which should have been obvious considering that my order was for four PLACESETTINGS, not four bowls), and it was just described on the set as a bowl, period.  She finally came to the conclusion I had originally anticipated, which was that she would send out three new sets and I would send back the three damaged sets.  She said I would probably get charged for the return shipping and I would have to call and ask for it to be waived.  I asked if maybe I wouldn’t be better off exchanging them at the store, and she said she didn’t think I could even return them to the store.  She said that the dishes would be sent out that day and that everything would be communicated to me by e-mail.  The whole thing seemed like a lot more hassle than our original return, but I figured as long as I got my non-damaged dishes, who really cares?  That was my first mistake.

So on Tuesday the 7th, Nathan packaged up the damaged sets and took them to FedEx to be sent back.  Fast forward to last weekend.  Still not a single bit of communication from Macy’s.  No change to my order status on Macy’s.com.  No charges on my credit card.  Mysterious, no?  I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they were waiting for my first dishes to be returned. That was my second mistake.

Sunday night, I received an e-mail from Macy’s.  “YAY!”, I thought, “They finally got their act together and shipped our new dishes”.  THIRD MISTAKE.  Their e-mail was thanking me for my recent e-mail to customer service (also mysterious, since I never e-mailed them), and telling me to call them because they needed information from me about my order to process my request.  Grrrr.  But okay, I would call them, and then everything would be fine and dandy.  (HA! MY FOURTH MISTAKE! WHY DO I CONTINUE TO HOPE FOR THE BEST IN PEOPLE?)

So, Monday the 13th I call Macy’s again.  I give the girl my order number and tell her I am calling in response to an e-mail request from them.  She pulls up my order and says, “So, tell me about your order”.  I want to scream, but I calmly tell her about our damaged dishes, the phone call on the 6th, that we returned the dishes on the 7th, and received the e-mail last night.  She asks me what is wrong with the bowls.  I tell her the same thing I told the rep on the 6th, and remind her that I have already told them this.  She then places me on hold, comes back and says she is holding for a senior to help her with my order (why???), and then puts me BACK on hold.  After several minutes, she comes back and says they have sent a request to the warehouse for three new sets of dishes to be sent to me today.  I ask how I will be able to follow up on this order if there are questions.  She says I should receive e-mail communication regarding all of it.  I tell her this is what they told me last week, and I did not receive a single e-mail.  Her reply?  “Well, you are supposed to get e-mails”.  Well, that’s freaking fantastic, but it doesn’t make it true.  Regardless, I decide to not argue the point because now they have clearly gotten the answer to whatever their mystery question was, so even though I had to have a repeat of last week’s conversation, at least my dishes are on their way. 


It is now officially Friday, February 17th.  11 days after my first call and 4 days after the second.  I have yet to get a single e-mail from Macy’s regarding any progress on my order.  I have yet to receive any money refunded back.  I paid $114 and currently possess one set of dishes.  And I am beyond mad.



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