Proud Sister

This post is dedicated to my little brother.  Last week was his basketball team’s senior night, and I was lucky enough that it was a late game and I was able to go after work to watch him play.  I am so proud of my brother and how hard he works.  He is so much more dedicated than I ever was at his age.  I know I am late in posting these pictures, but it was a long weekend and I just didn’t have time until now to go through the gazillion pictures I took that evening.  Besides, better late than never.










Sporting some customized hair

We were blessed that he had a huge cheering section of adoring family members, including the Minnesota cousins and all three crazy older sisters. 

Feb 2012(In retrospect, maybe it’s just one crazy sister, and I think we all know who that is!)

My parents & my brother shared some nice moments together before the game when they introduced all of the senior players.

Feb 2012

And then it was time for the game . . . Lights, camera, action!

Feb 20121

My brother did a fantastic job.  I am so happy that I got the opportunity to be there and watch him play on his big night.

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