Picture-A-Day Challenge: March 2012

Earlier this month, I tripped across a blog where the reader was doing the February 2012 Photo-a-Day Challenge from the blog Fat Mum Slim.  It was already several days into February, and I was a little too overwhelmed with life at the time to attempt the challenge retroactively.  I did bookmark it into that little place in my mind, “Things I should do in an attempt to challenge myself and work towards self-improvement”.  The photo challenges are just descriptive enough to point you in a direction, but vague enough that you get to define the meaning with the picture you take.  I liked the idea of a challenge that makes me think and use my mind in a more creative way, as opposed to challenges that just call for logical solutions.  Plus, maybe I would finally get to know our camera a little better, beyond the basic automatic scene settings.  Unfortunately, “I should try that sometime” thoughts like this often get bookmarked in my brain in haphazard fashion and are quickly forgotten when logic calls.

But tonight, I was creatively avoiding logic (cleaning my house) by seeking out the creative (Pinterest!) and stumbled across the pin I had done of the February challenge.  Thinking, hmmm, it’s almost the end of the month, I wonder if this gal has a March challenge?  I visited her website, and sure enough, the March list is posted!


via Fat Mum Slim

I am posting this now for two reasons:  One, because by posting it I will actually have to follow through with it.  Someone will read this (even if it is only my parents and my husband), and therefore I must hold myself accountable for saying I would do it.  Two, in hopes that some of my friends and family members who read this blog (again, maybe only my parents and husband, but that’s three!), will see this and be inspired to challenge themselves.  I feel like our lives are all so hectic and busy these days that it can sometimes zap us all of our creativity, until it’s buried so deep that we don’t even know where to find it.  Creativity = fun, and we can all use a little of that.  I am going to take my pictures every day, and then post them in a little blog at the end of the month.  HAVE FUN!

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